Declaration Donation Program

Patrigraphica is giving away calfskin Declarations to high school teachers of Social Studies!

Our parchment Declarations are beautiful when put on display but they’re much more fun when used for hands-on learning in a classroom.

To enter for a chance to win, use the contact link at the top-right corner of this page and send us your name, phone number, and school email address.

Please note that this giveaway program is restricted to teachers of Social Studies grades 7-12.

Good luck!

Ryan J. Thelen
Founder, Patrigraphica, LTD
Teacher, Cincinnati Public Schools


Michael Murphy

Cincinnati Public Schools

Anne Dillon

Lyceum Catholic Community Co-Op

Darrell Strickland

Birmingham City Schools

David Hardman

Cincinnati Public Schools

Linda Cook

Elberton County School District

Ralph Viggiano

Lindenhurst School District, NY

Aaron Sullivan

Cajon Valley Union Schools, CA

Kacie Carballo

Iron County Schools, UT

Mark Greenfield

Yreka Union Schools, CA

“The kids love it. . . . I am the envy of every teacher in our building”

Ralph Viggiano, Lindenhurst School District, NY